Since the 90s Cleantec Innovation have been leading the way in dry carpet cleaning technology with their Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine and PRO40 Microsponges.

On this website, we often talk about the benefits of dry carpet cleaning and how to use our products but we’ve been getting a lot of requests in recently to talk more about how our products are made and how these ingredients produce the cleaning results you see.

So, in response, this month we take a closer look at our Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaner to share with you the details on the ingredients and how it manages to clean carpet so well without water.

What is your dry carpet cleaning powder made from?

The Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning powder is made from a 100% biodegradable, natural wood by-product which has been slightly moistened with a unique and balanced blend of safe cleaning ingredients chosen for their ability to dissolve and remove dirt.

We use this compound because of its dual-purpose ability – firstly it is able to carry the cleaning agents and release them into the carpet and then secondly it is capable of re-absorbing as much of the dirt and soiling as possible.

The compound also has the benefit of being completely biodegradable, safe to use and poses no risk of damage to carpets no matter the colour or what material they are constructed from.

While we cant give away the full secret recipe of our cleaning agents in the product, we can say that the formulation used in our carpet cleaning compound is safe and contains no phosphates, bleaches, whitening agents or nasty ingredients.

How does dry carpet cleaning powder work?

The best way to think of the envirodri dry carpet cleaning compound is to compare it to a slightly moist sponge used to absorb and remove dirt from a surface. Whereas the method of wet cleaning would spray water down first and then try to vacuum back up, microsponges come into contact with a soil, break it down, soak it up and then remove it from the carpet.

With microsponges, the soil doesn’t spread or go futher into the carpet, instead, the clean is completely controlled as each tiny granule (sponge) of carpet cleaning powder absorbs and holds the dirt until it is removed by vacuuming.

In detail, the ingredients contained in the microsponges have been formulated to dissolve both water and oil-based soiling – this can be anything from food and drink spills to make up and ink. As the sponge comes into contact with carpet it releases small, controlled doses of cleaning agents to loosen and remove dirt. Once drained of the cleaning agents they then soak back up moisture and any dissolved soiling.

As this method does not depend on soaking carpets with water, resoil rates are low and there is no sticky residue left behind. In fact, any microsponges left over in the carpet pile after vacuuming will just continue to soak up and remove moisture and dirt until they are removed.

The short video belows shows the cleaning action of the microsponges to remove ball point pen from a hand – this is no different to how it interacts with dirt on carpet.