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Thank you for considering an Envirodri carpet and upholstery cleaning opportunity.
Envirodri is unique within the industry and the industry is taking note of us.
There are many ways to clean a carpet; however, the Envirodri system is the only system that is safe for all types of carpet. This means that the opportunities increase, and the risks diminish.
This is a not a “get rich quick” business model, but what the system does offer is the opportunity to set your own working hours, pace and excellent earnings potential that is sound and sustainable. The Envirodri system has proven to be just that and I can be testament to this as I brought this to Australia
Sustainability comes, however, in more than one form and our system uses little or no water and is both organic and eco-friendly. The system is completely safe for wool, pets and children and one of our additional benefits is that we can add treatments to assist allergy sufferers too.
Our system has obvious benefits for the general public, hotels, apartments, yachts, doctors, dentists, in fact, anywhere that you would find a carpet. Our services, however, extend beyond just carpet cleaning and include upholstery cleaning.
Once again thank you for your interest in Envirodri. We look forward to hearing from you.
For more information contact : Dale Brennan CEO

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